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    For 25 years I’ve helped all kinds of kids find ways to accept themselves and the ways they learn best, develop new skills and strategies they can use in school, gain confidence, and thrive.

Happy Student

    I’ve taught non-readers with dyslexia to decode text; kids with ADHD to accept and appreciate their exceptional learning styles; kids who were failing in school to build a repertoire of new skills, grow their confidence, and flourish. The list below is not comprehensive, but illustrates the range of my expertise related to learning differences, educational testing, and curricular practices.

• ADD and ADHD

• Autism Spectrum Disorders

• Dyslexia

• Dysgraphia

• Dyscalculia

• Social and Emotional Training

• Executive Functioning

• Reader’s and Writer’s Workshops


• Twice Exceptional students

• Individual customized lesson plans

• Strength-based Assessments

• Woodcock Johnson Test of Achievement

• Weschler Individual Achievement Test

• CORE Reading Assessment

• Wilson Reading Assessment

• Teaching modifications based on data collection

Click here to view my resume.

"Children with Special Needs come into our lives, leaving footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same." — Unknown

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